NCMP was started as a forum for the educational component of David Grover's music. Over time he came to believe that there was an entire body of music that needed to be written and discovered to help children learn what our schools were trying to teach with only partial success. Reading, math, self-esteem, all of these subjects were perfect to learn through music because songs contain three enormously important elements: Repetition, group participation and fun!

Why Children Need Music

Children love music -- it speaks in a language that they instinctively understand. Play music and even the youngest of toddlers will start moving to its beat. Music welcomes children into its world inviting them to match its pitch, sing its lyrics, move to its beat, explore its harmonic dimensions, and understand its message. Music makes children happy and is a creative means for self expression that integrates mind, body and spirit.


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Mission Statement

            The National Children’s Music Project (NCMP) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to developing and implementing education and enrichment programs in music and the humanities for children of all ages, and from all walks of life, improving their lives through enjoyment and participation.

            NCMP Executive Director David Grover is an award-winning musician, recording artist and performer with more than 30 years experience entertaining and educating children across the country and throughout the world.  Grover believes that bringing quality music into our lives benefits our children, our families and even the fabric of American society, and that our children deserve the best we have to give them. 

            NCMP’s goal is to spur the process which provides for a ready alternative to pop culture, especially for our young, impressionable children.  The need for new quality music to be used in schools and homes was made apparent during the year Grover spent observing a kindergarten class, watching the children learn, and watching the children get “stuck” – demonstrating that music holds a critical key for effective early childhood and primary education, but that students do not always have ready access to that essential tool.    

The quality of the music being provided by NCMP is uncontroverted, and essential to the well-being of the next generation.   It is our hope and belief that NCMP can make a difference in the lives of the children of this world. 

 When history looks back on American culture, it would be a wonderful reflection on us all to say that our music represented the best in us all;  that when we taught our children about the best of America, it was right there in our music all along.  – D. Grover

The National Childrens Music Project Inc

         Board of Directors


While waiting for new NCMP projects, here are a few of the previous projects:


We're All Americans

Kids from Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Berkshires came together with David Grover, The Big Bear Band and other professional musicians to sing about living and working together in America and what it's like to get along with all different kinds of people. The message is: We all can make a difference. Great for kids age 6-12.

Awards for "We're All Americans"

"We're All Americans" won these awards: Parents' Choice Gold Award; Dr. Toy Best Vaction Products Winner; A Parents Guide to Children's Media Award; Children's Music Web Award Finalist, 1999; Kids First! Coalition for Quality Children's Video Award.

Teacher's Guide Book/CD

Published by America's premier music publisher, Hal Leonard, the "We're All Americans" Teacher's Guide Book/CD pack includes lesson plans, discussion questions, classroom activities (easily adapted for home), reproducible songsheets, and a full music-minus-one accompaniment CD.

Teacher's Guide Book/CD: $35.00 (plus $2.50 s&h) - Buy Now!

It's a messsage about connecting with one another no matter how different. Celebrate diversity and harmony with this inspiring collection based on the special concert of music and messages that brought together three groups of children from very different backgrounds.

Also available is the complete Teacher's Package, including the Book/CD Pack, the "We're All Americans" concert video, and the complete concert CD. The price is $60.00 ($10 less than buying all three components separately)


Caterpillar Butterfly: songs to help kids grow wings

"From a squirmy, wormy, crawly thing to a rainbow miracle with wings..."

Caterpillar Butterfly David Grover has written a collection of songs designed especially to help get kids off to a good start: at school, at home, and out in the world. This wonderful new CD contains 12 wonderfully singable songs teaching important basics like taking care of ourselves, gratitude and appreciation, and social skills – with a little history, geography, and science thrown in for good measure!

... with the Blafield Children's Chorus

Appearing with David on Caterpillar Butterfly, the lovely voices and personalities of the members of Blafield Children's Chorus are easy for young listeners to connect with and are much more than a mere backup chorus. Also appearing are the substantial talents of Terry A La Berry and Kathy Jo Grover of the Big Bear Band and guest musicians Gordon Titcombe, Charlie Tokarz, Rick Leab, and the Berkshire Lyric Theatre’s La Camerata.

Songbook and Teacher's Guide

Following the success of NCMP's 2005 CD Caterpillar Butterfly: Songs To Help Kids Grow Wings, we are proud to announce the release of a comprehensive companion songbook and Teacher's Guide.

The book includes music, piano and guitar chords for each of 10 songs, plus suggestions for discussion topics, activities and supplemental materials to encourage exploration of the themes from the CD such as good manners, personal growth and social responsibility. Easily adaptable for families as well as classrooms, this handbook makes a valuable addition to your collection of children's media.


I'm Learning to Read!

I'm Learning to Read  Built around a Kindergarten curriculum and including ten original songs progressing from a review of the basic building blocks of reading to rhyming and stories. Listen and sing along or use the plug-in "homework versions" of the song to further engage young listeners.


Sittin Around Grover’s Corner

David Grover’s first ever double CD! Sittin' Around Grover's Corner A musical journey through history and culture…gather the whole family around the CD player and everyone can sing along!

A 2003 Parents' Choice Gold Award

Parents' Choice Review: "This generous helping of familiar music ranges from traditional ("Greensleeves," "Old Time Religion," "The Water is Wide") to contemporary (Woody Guthrie and John Denver). Throw in "The Gettysburg Address" and the Beatles and you'll have a sense of how diverse these selections are. The songs and stories are culled from "Grover's Corner," a PBS program hosted by lead singer David Grover whose rich voice is as relaxed and unpretentious as a next-door-neighbor sitting on your porch. The tapes were taken directly from the show, so each one has a brief introduction and some also have a sign-off (which makes it seem as if the album is ending when it's not). However, each time another song begins, it feels like a reprieve…and listeners will no doubt fall into the habit of wishing that this thoroughly engaging album would never end."

disc one:

disc two:


Born An Indian Man

From 'A Producer's Thoughts':

"Jim sings from the heart, and Jim's heart and voice reach out to the whole world. His is a tradition that stretches back as far as the Plains and the Black Hills. The Lakota People and their vision have always held the Earth and its people sacred. Jim's songs and stories embrace that vision and pass it on. Enjoy this man and his music; your world will be a better place that he passed through."

Song Titles:


The Legend Of Crazy Horse; Songs From Lakota Country

Singer/songwriter Jim Young's songs have had a profound impact on the men and women who grew up on Indian Reservations. His music touches people of all ages. Last year when he came to the Berkshires to perform and record, he won many friends and fans through his music and stories.

Jim is able to move listeners from many cultures to a real sense of the shared trials and joys of people everywhere. Jim has recorded two other albums: "Trail of Tears" and "Jim Young, Medicine Boy".

song titles:


Also, please visit David Grover's Website